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Phantom Party Mask

Ok, folks, I’ve finally heard it enough that I needed to share it. Yet, again, I was requested by a client to help them “use social media to get more customers”.

I explained how the process of reaching out with Social Media works and the fact that you really don’t sell, but simply make connections with people.

The relationship is more important than a one time used car salesman pitch. This is not like an MLM where it’s a numbers game and you are told to simply churn through the people until you find the right ones.

Social Media is organic. The more you care about your network, the more your network will respond to you.

That’s when the truth came out.

“yeah, but I don’t want my name to be shown. I just want it for my business.”

This is not a Halloween Ball where everyone gets to wear a mask. It’s about people making real connections with other people. The more anonymous you make yourself, the less you’ll get out of it. Everyone knows that actual human beings run businesses. When you refuse to let anyone know who you are, you immediately beg the question , “what is he hiding?”

Honesty and transparency are the keywords of today. If you’re open about how you’re trying to earn a living, then people can respect that. If you hide who you are, then everyone, will think that you’re trying to sell them something that you don’t believe in and most likely won’t like the outcome of buying your product.

If, on the other hand, they know and respect you from previous talks, then they will know they can trust what you say is true and that you will back up what you say, especially, since your own reputation is on the line.

You can’t make real friends by hiding behind a fake mask. Even the Phantom of the Opera had to show his face eventually.

Toff Ward

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  1. Reply Roberta Sep 3,2010 1:59 pm

    Unless you put your name on the page and don’t “Like” it, nobody will really know it’s you and connect it to your profile, correct? With the recent changes to Facebook unless you’re an admin, you can’t even see the entire list of “likers” anyway. If this isn’t the case, I don’t know how to change it on my pages. I would like to have my name more associated with my page because more people might use it from Facebook. Most people don’t really get the Facebook concept. I sometimes forget that just because I’m seeing it, doesn’t mean everyone does. 🙂

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