CRM Magazine Seeks Woopra Chat Users to Interview

Hey Woopra enthusiasts, we’ve got an opportunity for you to share your story for an article that Juan Martinez is working on for CRM Magazine.

Juan is working on a story about how people use Web chat in real world business situations, and he and I spoke for a while today about several scenarios in which it can be useful. As you can imagine I can only come up with so many ideas, so we wanted to open it up to the Woopra community and see what kind of new and creative ways that you guys are using chat capabilities!

One particular area of focus for Juan is in the area of “outbound” or proactive chat. In Woopra, this is when you use that little button that says, “Start Chat” to approach one of the visitors on your site.

So, if you’ve been using Woopra’s chat functionality, and you don’t mind potentially doing an interview with Juan for CRM Magazine, please respond to this blog post and share a few details! Here are a few points that would be of particular interest:

  • What kind of a website are you using chat on? And what made you decide to use it?
  • Why do you think more sites haven’t yet deployed web chat, or why haven’t they used more proactive/outbound chat?
  • Can you give examples of how you are using Web chat? And what value do you perceive from using web chat?
  • Can you give a specific example of how an outbound chat instance actually helped you close business, solve a customer issue, or delivered other value?

Juan will go through the responses and if you’ve provided enough detail he may just reference you from the blog post, or if he needs more info I’ll broker an email introduction between you based on the email address you leave in the comments.

I can’t wait to hear how everyone is using this feature!

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