Woopra Contributes to ReadWriteWeb’s Analysis of Referral Traffic

John Pozadzides, CEO of Woopra, published “Analysis: What are the Web’s Top Sources of Referral Traffic?” on ReadWriteWeb showcasing how was used for recent research for RWW on the real impact of social media on your web traffic.

If there’s one thing we know about Web authors it’s that they are constantly seeking new sources of traffic for their content. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, a marketing manager or a small business owner, there is simply no reason to invest time with content creation and Web design if no one is coming to read it. For this reason, it’s important to figure out where to actually invest time for the greatest ROI.

…the Woopra team provided me with the raw information that I used to create the charts below. This report is based on hundreds of millions of data points collected during the month of June 2010.

Virtually every category of Website is represented in the dataset – education, news, government, SMB, Fortune 500, blogs, adult – and while it clearly doesn’t reflect all of the sites on the Internet, my guess is that it is a statistically significant and representative sampling.

Social Network Referrers summary by WoopraThe results analyze the top referrers of traffic, social network referrers, social bookmark referrers, search referrers, and media referrers with some very surprising results.

“I am constantly being asked by CEOs, VP’s of Marketing, Bloggers, and Social Media experts where they should focus their efforts for the greatest ROI. The problem is, no one can really give a definitive fact-based answer without having access to a very wide data set. And of course, virtually no one actually has access to a very wide data set!” explains John P.

“When I gave it some thought I figured that it was almost my obligation to compile the report since others weren’t able to, and the Woopra team was extremely happy to help the community by doing the work necessary to support the research.”

The Silent Social Media Success Story

All this research resulted in ReadWriteWeb’s article “StumbleUpon: The Silent Social Media Success Story” which uncovered the impact of StumbleUpon, a hot new driving force on the social media scene.

When you think of social media, two products immediately come to mind: Facebook and Twitter. If you’re in the technical world, you’d probably also mention Digg and Slashdot. A product that is rarely talked about among social media products, but has a surprisingly large footprint on the Web, is StumbleUpon. It now has 10.6 million users and regularly pushes big traffic to online publishers.

According to a new analysis by Web analytics company Woopra, StumbleUpon drives nearly twice as much traffic than Digg. StatCounter uncovered a similar trend recently, with StumbleUpon second only to Facebook among social media traffic drivers.

According to Richard MacManus, founder of ReadWriteWeb, noted that according to Woopra “92% of search visitors originate from Google. This is much higher than Hitwise reports.”

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