Woopra 2.0 Updates and What’s Coming Next

We rolled out another update of the Woopra Web Application today. With more than 200 bugs stomped, we’ve added some great new features, with more on the way.

We’ve introduced a new slick user interface similar to Apple’s look and feel, improving the visual interaction with the Woopra Web Application.

The Live Map information is important and we know you want more helpful information, so we’ve added more visitor details when you click/hover over a visitor pin.

We’ve also worked hard improving the web version for Internet Explorer users. While we understand that you want this to work across all current versions of Internet Explorer, the functionality is very advanced, so we’re got it working flawlessly with Internet Explorer 8+.

However, your best experience using the Woopra web version comes from using Chrome or Firefox. We recommend our users run this application on Google Chrome which has shown in our benchmarks to be 4 times faster than Firefox and more than 10 times faster than Internet Explorer running Woopra.

Woopra Live View Woopra Live Map
Woopra Dashboard Woopra Analytics

Coming Next

The Web version is close enough to leave the beta phase, but we know very well that some of our coolest features are yet to be implemented to the web version and we’re readying them for you:

  • Notification System: Many rely upon Woopra’s event notification to be alerted when specific events and actions occur on their site. We rebuilt this feature from scratch so that you don’t have to be logged in to get notified. We’re also adding different mediums to get notified (SMS, email, Mobile Push, Desktop, etc…). That’s not everything! We’re also adding a bunch of new filters based on aggregate information rather than just individual actions or visitors.
  • eCommerce Tracking: Your requests have been heard and we’re working on adding eCommerce tracking of transactions with our updated Javascript API.
  • Funnels & Conversion Tracking: We’ve focused on delivering the best user experience and analytics for bloggers. It’s now time for us to put all our focus on delivering the best analytics solution for businesses. We are going beyond eCommerce transactions to help you track the most advanced analysis of your site’s visitors.
  • Campaigns Analytics: Referrers is the most important metric for most of us tracking our social media and advertising campaigns. We’re going to expand our analytics to bring the ability to run campaign analysis not only by Referrer Types and Referrer Hosts & Urls, but by custom landing URLs.

I would love to take this opportunity, on behalf of our team, to thank our users who upgraded their subscriptions, we never believed you could be that many! You gave us the ability to expand faster and bring more people to our family and we shall in return deliver the best user experience, features and support.

Are you using the Web Version yet? Drop us a line and let us know why you do or you don’t.

Elie Khoury
Woopra Co-Founder.

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