Woopra WordPress Plugin 1.4.5 Updated

Thanks to the work of our new intern, Mario Achkar, the Woopra WordPress Plugin has been updated and is now available.

If you have been using the Woopra WordPress Plugin, use the auto-update feature to upgrade.

If you deactivated the Plugin and are using the manual method of installing Woopra, please remove the Woopra JavaScript from your site before activating the Plugin. This will avoid double stats tracking.

The Woopra API Key for the Plugin is found in the Woopra Members area for your registered website.

Updates in the Woopra WordPress Plugin include added support for Curl in case fopen is disabled on the server, the setIdleTimeout javascript code fixed, and the API URL has been updated so all requests for analytics should now be working. We’ve added event name to the Woopra JavaScript event tracking and added extra error checks and handling.

Mario AchkaFeedback is welcome in the forums. We are working on the next major update to Woopra and the Woopra WordPress Plugin soon, so input on how you would like to see it improved would also be welcome.

Our new intern, Mario Achkar, attends the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and is in his final year. His studies and expertise are in Computer and Communications Engineering focusing on automation, messaging services, and online communications. He is the creator of the Open Source Windows Live/MSN Messenger Bot/Client code available in multiple languages, Microsoft Messagner Plus Plugins, Desktop AI which allows keyboard, mouse, and other components to be easily manipulated and automated, and Webdp, an online messager avatar and contact service. Mario has won a variety of awards for his scripts and projects and we are glad to have him on board.

You will find him hanging out in the Woopra Forums helping people with their JavaScript, API, and WordPress Plugin issues, if we can pry him away from the World Cup.

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