Building your website

Building a website is alot like building a bricks and mortar site, unless you are content with the occasional passer by dropping in, you have to tell people about your site.  They need to know what your purpose is, what you are selling, and where they can find you.

That is why we recommend using a combined marketing approach.

Direct Mail Postcards

Dont just hope they find you, tell them how to find youOne medium that stands out for its versatility and cost-effectiveness is the postcard. Postcards are a great medium for brief messages, such as announcements for newly opened businesses or promotions for new products and services. Used as reminders or invitations, they are a great way to gain new customers and to keep in touch with existing ones. They can also work well for special offers and coupons. The concise nature of the postcard’s message makes it more likely that your audience will read the whole thing.

Postcards have a lot going for them. They are an economical and good-looking way to get your message to a targeted audience. Whether you want to keep in contact with your customers, or you’re looking to drive traffic to a website, you can make your message pop when you use postcards.

For more information on the advantages of postcards see Putting mail to work for you – Postcards

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent tool for branding in the business-to-consumer market. It is an effective way to maintain a connection between a company and its customers. However, like all marketing tools, SMM works better for reaching some goals than others, and works best as a part of a larger marketing campaign. One of the more prominent forms of branding today is getting your customer base to personally identify themselves with your product or service. For example, every time you see a car with one of those Apple stickers on it, you’re seeing branding at work. That person is saying, “not only do I love my Mac, I consider it a part of my own identity. Hello, I’m a Mac.”

This is the kind of thing SMM excels at. Since Facebook has opened its doors to commercial websites, just about every major company has established a presence there. Even before the corporate presence, people would willingly answer polls with questions such as, “Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?” But with the corporate presence firmly in place, people seek out the companies they like and add themselves to their fan lists.

For more information on the advantages of social media marketing see Social Media Branding

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Improve SEO with WordPressA lot has been written about the art and science of search engine optimization or SEO.  It is a constantly evolving and moving target. As one expert has said it’s all about gaming the search engines. The search engines, google, yahoo, bing… design complex logarithms to try and deliver to the searcher just what they are looking for. You want to get to the top of their list so you spend time trying to get them to think you are it. Bottom line, it takes a lot of work and time to improve your ranking. The game is always changing but one constant remains and that is content.  The more often you add new relevant content, the better your ranking will be. Open Sorce Marketer has some excellent, easy to follow information and training materials on the subject of SEO marketing. Direct Web Concepts has packages available that include training through Open Source Marketer.

For more information see Open Source Marketer

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