Introducing the New Woopra Web Analytics

After some brief rejuvenation time for our Web Analytics, we’re excited to introduce the brand new Web based version of Woopra for those times when you are away from your desktop but still want to get your Woopra fix! All you need to do is log into your Member’s Area and take a look at your stats!

Keep in mind that this new version is considered Beta so you may run into a few bugs here and there. We’re aware that there are currently a few issues, but we wanted to get it out to you guys so you could start using it right away. We’ll be updating it constantly, so just report your issues on the forums if you encounter any!

Elie and Jad have been slaving away for weeks but the results are definitely worth it! Heck, I’m pretty sure that many people are going to start using the new Web version of Woopra as their primary method of getting stats. And the Web version has a few tricks up it’s sleeve that even the desktop application doesn’t yet possess! And by the way, to answer your question in advance – it does not yet work on the iPad, but that will be available soon… ;-)

A Tour of the New Woopra Web Analytics

First of all, if the new Web Analytics look familiar – they should! Elie spent quiet a bit of time ensuring that the look and feel is similar to the desktop application we’ve all become accustomed to. This should minimize any learning curve associated with navigating the interface.

You’ll find all the familiar features built into the Web application including a dashboard, live view, world map, search functionality, filters and complete historical analytics. Each of these areas has subtle yet important changes as compared to the desktop application.

Woopra Web Analytics Dashboard View

Although the Woopra desktop application provides a Dashboard view that focuses on the aggregate stats for the day, the Web Analytics dashboard focuses more on what is happening now. You’ll notice that all of the tabs give a visual representation based on “Active” pages, referrers, countries, etc.

If that Visitor Engagement tab jumps out at you, it should! This entirely new Woopra feature allows you to see not only how many people are currently on the site, but what they are doing while they are there! Woopra now reports on whether visitors are idle (no mouse or keyboard activity on the page) or if they appear to be reading or writing.

Woopra Web Analytics Map View

In the Web analytics version of Woopra, the live view of visitors is overlaid onto an active Google map. This allows you to drag to recenter the map as well as zoom in and out, but one additional benefit of Google Map integration is that you can zoom into the street level to see precisely where visitors are coming from.

In testing, we’ve found that the location is often accurate to within a few miles of the true visitor location. The distance varies based on where the visitor’s nearest Point of Presence is for their ISP. Click the image below for a short video demonstrating what is possible.

Woopra Visitor Street View

Click to view the video.

Woopra Web Analytics – Live View

Like the new map view, the Live view has a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Of course, just as in the desktop application we see a continuous live stream of visitors to the site, and it’s possible to select any visitor on listed on the left to focus only on that visitor.

However, the Web Analytics now adds the ability to select multiple visitors simultaneously, and even to “lock” them on screen, so that even if the visitor leaves the site, their information trail persists.

Woopra Web Analytics – Search and Filter

One other area that has seen changes is the Search and Filter function. The process of adding filters is extremely simple in all areas of the Web Analytics client. Simply click on the Add Filter button and choose from a dropdown menu which variable you wish to filter by. In addition, you can implement multiple filters to keep narrowing down the results as needed.

Well, that’s enough for now. We’ll let you guys explore the rest of the interface. If you’ve got suggestions or comments (especially positive ones :-) feel free to drop them below. And you can also follow Elie Khoury on Twitter (@ElieKhoury) and give him feedback and encouragement any time you feel like.

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