Woopra.com Moved to VPS.NET Cloud Hosting

This week we made the strategic decision to migrate the Woopra.com hosting infrastructure from a dedicated server platform to a virtualized platform. This move will help ensure that Woopra users have a higher level of availability to log in and access the service, as well as make sure we keep response times quick and page loading fast. Other reasons for the move include:
  • Improved fail-over and high availability. If a physical machine failure occurs, the Woopra.com website will be automatically migrated to another physical node, resulting in dramatically less downtime.
  • Scalability. As the site becomes more highly trafficked we can increase the compute power without needing to deploy additional servers. This is important because of the new Web based analytics that are coming very soon. We believe they will create a great deal more traffic to the site than in the past.
  • International hosting. Although all of Woopra’s servers have been historically located in the US, as we grow we will be expanding our physical presence into European and Asian markets.
The partner we chose for hosting our mission critical Website is VPS.NET. And so far the experience has been excellent. If you noticed any strange issues with accessing stats over the last couple of days or logging into Woopra, it likely had to do with the movement of the domain and DNS propagation. All of this should be settled now, so please let us know if you have any issues. Once we’ve had a chance to thoroughly evaluate the service we’ll give a complete report for you guys who might be considering making a similar move. As of this moment if I were asked for a recommendation I would definitely say to give VPS.NET a try. Hopefully all will remain stable going forward. Note: Thank you for your patience and reports of connection issues recently. This issue impacts only a few users and we are working on the resolution.

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