Is Automating Twitter Worth It?

Is-Automating-Twitter-Worth-It Are you better off having 2% of 1,000 people respond to you in Twitter or having 20% of 100? I just started leaning into Twitter and I just reached 50 followers. Wow, that’s really unimpressive. The thing I really like, though, is that when I Tweet a link, I get a 50% response rate. As I follow people and more people follow me, can I maintain this ratio? Bragging about how many people are following you seems to be popular. Ok, popular for those who have over 1,000. This seems to be a magical number that sets you on the road to success. But how do you define success? What are you trying to accomplish? If you just want to artificially inflate your numbers with groups of people who never read what you write, then by all means, grab the automated tools and go for it. It can be done rather easily, but I don’t honestly think that it will lead to the brand recognition or positive opinion from your customers that you are looking for. I’m here to prove that point. I’m going to pick a very specific niche and use every Twitter tool I can find (feel free to recommend some). I’m going to try and create an artificial Twitter list of 1,000 in 1 week. I call it “artificial”, though, “superficial” is probably a better term. Building a list of people who don’t care about you isn’t a difficult thing to do. There are billions of people out there that literally don’t give a crap about me. All I’m looking for is a list of 1,000 users. Doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Here’s my plan of action:
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No rocket science here, just a straight forward test to see if Twitter can give me the results I am looking for. My expectations (hypothesis?) are : A. I can get 1,000 people on my twitter list in 1 week B. Only 2% or less of those people on the list will take action - 2% will click the link - 10% of the clickers will sign up for a newsletter I am going to post good content that is valuable and relevant to the keyword topic. There will be no sales pitches of any kind during the week, just links to good content. The main difference here is that I am going to automate how those tweets get out to the users. Rather than letting people come to me, I’m going to grab the big stick and go Blunt Trauma Marketing on them. I’ll let you know how that goes ; ) Toff Ward Open source Marketer Accelerate your business online using LinkedIn.

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