It can’t be that Simple

Its-Not-That-Simple When I heard someone tell me they just wanted a “simple” website (you know, like JCPenny or Amazon), my gut used to start twisting and I got the distinct feeling that Sepuku was less painful. The thing I ended up learning, was that building a business website CAN be simple, if you always remain creative, flexible and open to new ideas. The website for your business has a goal. There are things you want to achieve by having that site. If you keep that goal in the forefront of your mind when building your site, you will discover that it indeed is simple. The moment you decide that a specific bit of minutia (the sidebar needs to be 3 pixels to the left) is more important that your goal, your website is no longer simple. Wordpress makes achieving your business goals online even simpler. The manual coding and changing of information is no longer in the realm of just programmers. Anyone in your company can now build and maintain your website. The limits of what can be done easily and quickly have been shattered and moved farther away than anyone expected. You don’t have to wait for the right time-frame or resources to achieve your online goals. The ability is now inherent in the system and is ready for anyone to use. Custom applications for the web will always be new territory. They will always require a great deal of resources and time. Not every website requires the level of resources that JCPenny’s expended when building their website. You can build an online store, without having to spend the time or money that Amazon did. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are solutions that have already made having the features you want on your website simple and easy. They are getting even better every day. Being the first one on the block with a new toy is really expensive. Being the second on the block with a similar toy, means you get to knock the first guy on his butt because you have the same thing and spent waaaaaay less than he did to get it. Being a programmer, I’ve had to rearrange my thinking about websites, because now when someone asks me for a “simple” website, I say, “oh, you mean like Ebay”. Toff Ward Accelerate your business online using LinkedIn.

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