Woopra Desktop Client: Applying Filters to the Live Panel

Woopra Live PanelIn “Controling the Woopra Live Visitor Stream Data,” we showed you how to control what you see in the Woopra Desktop Client’s Live Panel in the live visitor stream. Let’s look closer at how you can filter out the data to pause and focus the real-time data on a specific visitor or group of visitors with the data you are seeking.

To select a visitor and pause them in the live visitor stream, simply click the visitor name in the Live Stream or their name in the left visitor list panel. This removes the rest of the visitor’s from the list, allowing you to focus on a specific visitor. To return the Live Panel to all visitors, click the X at the upper right corner of the panel.

With one visitor selected, note that their visitor ID is in the top Quick Filter bar with the magnifying glass. When you reset the filter, it is blank. This is called a Quick Filter.

Woopra offers a variety of quick filters for the Live Panel to narrow down the data to the specific information you need. Want to know how many people are using Firefox as their browser on your site right now? Want to see how many people are visiting you from France? Just type in the quick filter to restrict the data in the Live Panel to what you are interested in at the moment.

Woopra Live Panel - Filter

Woopra Desktop Client Live Panel Quick Filters

Enter search filter in the form of data:value. The data is the data you wish to filter and the value is the specific type of data.

To filter by browser and/or browser version:

browser:firefox 3
browser:explorer 8

To filter by city:

city:lake stevens

To filter by country:

country:united kingdom

To filter by language:


To filter by platform/operating system and/or version:

platform:windows 7

To filter by referrer:


To filter by visitor name or ID:


To remove the filter on the Live Panel, backspace on the filter or click the X on the right side of the filter bar.

We’ve put together a video to help you understand how this works in real-time.

Quick Filtering

In the left side of the Woopra Live Panel you will see a list of your visitors by Visitor ID. On that section of the panel are buttons to click to quickly filter the live visitor stream by visitor ID, country, pages, referrers, platforms, and browsers. Click on any of the items in the list to quickly filter the live visitor stream to that item, such as Browser > Safari 4 or Country > Turkey.

Woopra Live Panel - Countries

For more permanent filters and searches, see Using Woopra Search Filters and Using Woopra Filters in the Woopra FAQ. For more information on the Lookup History button to find out more about a specific visitor, see How to Lookup a Visitor’s History with Woopra.

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