Controlling the Woopra Live Visitor Stream Data

The Woopra Desktop Client’s Live Panel features an overlooked set of tabs we call the Woopra Live Panel Visitor Data Tabs. These tabs control what you see in the real-time live visitor stream, allowing you to expand or condense the data.

The Woopra Desktop Client (installed on your computer) showcases the visitor stream on your site with three sections of data on every visitor:

  1. Visitor Details: Displays visitor country flag, browser icon, operating system icon, IP address, location, company (ISP), language, browser version, platform (operating system) version, screen resolution, and last action. It also includes an optional “Location on Map” with a target on the location of the visitor’s IP.
  2. Navigation Path: Displays the visitor actions through the site with the page title and URL.
  3. Visitor History: Displays the total visits, total actions, average actions per visit, total time spent, and average visit time.

At the top of the Live Panel are four tabs: Visitor Details, Navigation Path, Visitor History, and Location on Map. By clicking these tabs, the Woopra Desktop Client displays or hides the three sections from the Live view, with the optional map on the Visitor Details section.

The video below shows how all this works.

Many Woopra Members want only to see the visitors in a condensed list and not all the details, trying to get a sense of how many visitors are on the site, or just because they like a clean look so they can focus on a single visitor at a time. Others want to see everything.

When you just select the Navigation Path, with the rest turned off, you can get a sense of how people are moving through your site without the other distracting information. With just the Visitor History selected, the information changes again, revealing new insights on how often people return, how long they stay on the site, etc.

It’s up to you how you want to view the visitors as they move through your site tracked by Woopra.

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