Using the New Woopra Plan Usage Indicator

With the introduction of Woopra 1.4, we introduced a new feature to help you track your Woopra Plan status. Let’s take a closer look at it to help you better understand how it works. There are two ways to track your pageviews with Woopra. On the Woopra website’s Members Area > Edit Settings > Package, you can check the status of your site’s account. Woopra Members Area > Package Monitor chart With Woopra 1.4, you can now check immediately on the Woopra Desktop Client installed on your computer. Woopra Desktop Client Pageview Monitor Chart On each site in the Woopra Desktop Client, across the top area above the various panel views is a chart showing you the status of your site’s account and the number of days in the cycle that have past. The green bar is the number of pageview activity for that site and the blue bar represents the days in the cycle. If your account is fine, the pageview activity bar stays green. You’ve got plenty of room to handle some more traffic. If your account begins to get close to the top of your plan’s pageview activity, it will go through a variety of colors: Green, Yellow, Red. Before you get too nervous, let’s look at what all this really means. If the color is yellow, and you have only a few days left in the plan’s monthly cycle, then relax. You have estimated correctly and will probably make it to the end of the month when the counter resets just fine. If the color is red and Woopra is no longer tracking visitors, you’ve exceeded your plan’s limits. This is the time to decide if it is worth it to wait until the next cycle or upgrade your site’s plan. You can upgrade your Woopra Plan at any time. If you’ve suddenly been covered by Lifehacker, Slashdot, TechCrunch, or the equivalent high traffic referrer for your industry, moving to a higher plan for the month to help you track the abnormal traffic influx makes sense. Woopra’s analytics will help you understand how the fresh inflow of traffic moves and uses your site and how to improve it as the traffic levels rise and fall. When the crunch is over, you can drop your plan back, but hopefully the new audience will return again for more, or others will start spreading the news about the wealth of valuable content and services you have to offer.

How Woopra Helps You Chart Your Site’s Goals

Beyond just a measure of your site’s activity with your site’s plan, it’s also a great indicator for tracking your site’s goals. Many webmasters and site owners set a monthly goal for their site to get a specific number of pageviews or traffic a day, week, or month. While the Woopra Calendar in the Desktop Client has been greatly improved, and helps you track the hourly, daily, weekly, weekday, and monthly activity levels, the new usage indicator can help you track your monthly goals based upon our 30 day cycle. With a glance, you can chart your monthly performance. If the pageview level is not up to your expectations by day 5, 15, or 20, you know it’s time to change tactics.

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