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  • National Change of Address
  • Move Update
  • Presort Discounts

If your company is looking for an economical way to continue doing mailings in-house without the expense or effort of keeping up with presorting software, give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you how well mail can keep working for you, the in-house mailer.

At iPresort, we offer the same data services to in-house mailers that we perform for our turn-key customers. Not only do we keep up with the latest software updates, our mailing experts also keep abreast of the latest developments with postal regulations, ensuring that our customers always get the best postage rates as well as the mailing options that best suit their needs.

Even companies that already have presort software can benefit from our data services through our experience in working with the post office. And while many software companies offer basic presorting software for the occasional mailer, we use more comprehensive mailing software, so we have several options on what kinds of mail we can do, from basic postcards to dimensional mail.

We will also help you to meet the new NCOA Move Update standards, as this is typically not included with basic mailing software. Move Update is now required to receive any kind of discount on postage.

For more information about the data service we offer click here or request a free quote

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  1. Reply mailing lists Aug 17,2010 9:43 am

    While we are taking on the topic of Mailing Data Services | Direct Web Concepts, every one of the mailing list hosting services that I am aware of actually deliver your subscribers an email requesting them to verify before they’re added to the list. Although you may think this is a problem which will cost you some subscribers (such as those people that can’t be bothered to reply to the confirmation request), it is actually useful because it will help prevent cases where a person’s email is used to subscribe to a list without his / her permission. At least, you will not be accused of spamming anybody.

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