Woopra 1.4 Released

We are very proud to announce that we’ve released Woopra 1.4 into the wild!

We announced most of the major features of Woopra 1.4 when we began our testing. They include:

  • Inbound Web Chat: The ability to to have your visitors ping you and say “Let’s chat!” from the website. We’ve been testing the new Woopra Chat Widget and the feedback has been great. Expect this to evolve over time.
  • Live Visitor Info Panel for Web Chat: We’ve expanded the Woopra Live Chat to feature a panel within the Desktop Client so you can watch visitors move through the site during the conversation.
  • Updated Notifications: We’ve redone our event notifications to create a scrollable list for review, so you can track what’s going on even if you leave your desk.
  • Monthly Usage Meter: You can now track your Woopra Plan’s monthly usage right on the Woopra Desktop Client.
  • Woopra Member Access: We’ve expanded access from the Woopra Desktop Client to include direct links and access to the Woopra Members area to set settings and customization.
  • Improved Firewall Connections: We’ve exanded Woopra to include the standards web port 80 in addition to 11228, to help you connect from behind most firewalls.
  • Calendar Functionality Improved: We’ve done away with the vague stats like All-Time Visitors and brought you more of the stats you need like daily, weekly, and monthly summaries in the updated Calendar feature, along with an easy to see chart to let you know when your average high points are for hourly traffic.
  • IP Range Filtering for Exclude Visitors: You can now exclude visitors from being tracked with wildcards, so you don’t track the whole office through your visitor stats.
  • Single Simultaneous Login Enforcement: For your protection and privacy, and to keep Woopra running faster for everyone, we’ve implemented a common practice of restricting access from multiple locations. If you move from one computer or location, please log out in order to log in elsewhere. If you wish to share your Woopra stats with others, simply share your Woopra stats with any registered Woopra Member. Then two or more can log in at the same time.

We’ll have articles explaining these new features in detail over the next few weeks.

To upgrade, simply start the Woopra Desktop Client and the upgrade process will automatically begin.

After updating and restarting Woopra, you will need to enter your username and password again as we’ve improved the security for storage of this information.

If you are experiencing any connection or tracking issues, check the Woopra JavaScript code to ensure it matches every page you wish to track with Woopra. Also, check Java.com to ensure you have the latest update to Java. A lot of the new features are still in early development, so expect them to improve over the next few months.

Check out the Woopra FAQ and for more information and help. Please report your feedback in the Woopra Forums where we can get specific information about any issues you are having and help you out.

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