Woopra 1.3.1 Beta Out and In the Wild

Wow! It’s party time. Woopra 1.3.1 Woopra 1.3.2 Beta has finally released and the list of new features and improvements is long, so hang on!

Woopra has been totally rewritten from stem to stern. It is faster, tracks more, and is on the path towards helping you understand better who is visiting your site and how.

The desktop client has been completely revamped, the Live Chat feature updated with customization features, segmentation added for deeper analysis of your site’s traffic, custom reports, and you can now “design” your own Woopra interface per website monitored.

Since Woopra 1.2, we’ve released the Woopra Web Analytics app so you can track your site’s traffic via the web, featuring a live map view using Google Maps.

We’ve also come up with better solutions to keep you informed on what is happening with Woopra. In addition to tracking us on Twitter though our account, you can now track the status of Woopra and servers through @wooprastatus and the page.

The most visible improvements have been in the Woopra desktop client interface and new features. There are so many more than I can cover here, so this is just a sample highlight list. We’ll cover more of these in depth over the next few weeks.

Woopra 1.3.1 Feature Highlights

This has been the most comprehensive and updated version of Woopra. For months, the Woopra development team has gone over all the reports in the Woopra Forums and your feedback and incorporate a lot of it into this release. Your input has helped us make Woopra better than ever, so keep it coming.

Login/Connection Control

Woopra 1.3.1 Beta puts you in charge of what sites you see and monitor. You can now connect and disconnect from individual sites so the tabs at the top of the screen are only the ones you need to see at that moment, or your favorites. You can also set which sites to automatically log into and load when you start Woopra. For those tracking multiple sites, this will help you save bandwidth, memory and CPU resources on your local machine as well as helping conserve Woopra data center resources.

Color and Presentation Woopra Style

The whole look of Woopra has changed. We’ve moved a few things around, and cleaned up the entire interface to make it easier to read, scan, and get the information you need quickly.

Hover over everything. There are now hover popups and interactive aspects on many of the charts and reports. All links are clickable, opening in your browser. We’ve also added right click menu options to a lot of the data on the Dashboard and Live panels.

The Live Map has now been incorporated into the Country View on the Dashboard, overlaid with summary counts. Like the Live Map, you can zoom and move it around, too.

The Live Panel features dramatic changes and improvements. It now includes a small map targeting the location of the visitor’s IP address. The navigation path is easier to read. We’ve also added a search field to the top of the panel, allowing quick search and filtering of data within that panel.

The popular Woopra Live Map now works with multiple monitors, allows you to choose which monitor to showcase the large live map.

In addition to some new Woopra “Themes” which allows you to quickly change the color schedule of the interface for each site you track, you can now customize the look of Woopra yourself. If you manage more than one site, the color scheme will help you quickly identify which one you are monitoring.

The new Woopra Theme Editor is found on the site tab at the top of the program. You can save the Theme and use it on several different sites you monitor, and even share Woopra Themes with other Woopra Members.

We’ve also added new icons to help you identify the various types of data. We’ve even added a new Woopra character for your taskbar. We call him the “Woopra Spy” mascot.

Mac OS X users have the exclusive ability to track the number of online visitors via their Dock Badge mascot. Right click the icon to enable the option.

New Woopra Sidebar Menu

The biggest design change to Woopra is the new sidebar. It now features an easier to use menu that allows you to expand or condense the various menu panels.

The new sidebar menu includes the Live Visitor Counter and histogram is now at the top of this column, giving you instant information about your traffic.

The new “Quick Stats” feature above the counter cycles though key statistical information you need to know about your site’s activities.

Woopra Segmentation

As discussed recently on the Woopra blog, segmentation is the “drilling down” of your stats to the information you need to help you make decisions regarding your site and business. Woopra 1.3.1 Beta offers the first step we’ve taken to help you break down your data.

The largest part of the Woopra rewrite went into this new feature, expanding the Analytics panel. With Woopra 1.3.1, you can analyze your site’s information from right clicks on data in the Woopra Dashboard panel, or create custom filters (or searches) from the Search or Manage Filters panels.

What information do you need to track on a regular basis? The traffic on a specific page? Traffic from a specific site? Monitor the ROI on social media efforts on Twitter or Facebook? What’s the breakdown for a specific keyword? Thinking about adding translated versions of your content? Maybe you want to track languages or country specific visitors?

We’ve created easy to see charts on the Analytics panel to get quick perspectives of visits, pageviews, and visitors. We’ve added some sorting and other capabilities that we will outline more in depth soon.

Woopra now offers full customization of your data with multiple boolean style search and filter criteria. Simply create a new filter, save it, then choose it from any of the many drop down filter options in the Analytics panel and elsewhere.

Want more customization? You can now use the Settings Options on the Analytics Panel to customize how you want your analytical data to show by merging similar and related data types.

Last Preview of Woopra 1.3 Beta new desktop client

This is new, so your feedback is welcome. We’re working hard on expanding this new feature in future versions. Few web analytics programs put you in charge of how you want to see your data. We’d love to know what types of reports you want that go beyond what we currently offer, too.

Custom Visitor Data

In addition to the expanded segmentation features on the Analytics panel, we now offer Custom Visitor Data via a new pane called Custom.

You can analyze the data by Tagged Visitors, Events by Name, or add your own analysis. You can currently sort by Custom Events or Custom Visitors Data.

Preview of Woopra 1.3 Beta new desktop client

Create a name for your Custom Analysis, select the type, then enter the key information you want to analyze as collected from the Woopra JavaScript.

Information is gathered by customizing the Woopra JavaScript to add information to Woopra that your site collects on visitors or members, such as their email, avatar/gravatar, age, location, sex, birthday, date of last post, member registration date, number of posts by member, number of comments, and more. These information variables are called Visitor Keys. You can learn more about how to customize the Woopra JavaScript to manage these various Visitor Keys and Events on the Woopra Developers page.

We’re anxious to see what custom analysis techniques and scripts you come up with!

Live Chat Restored

The popular Woopra Live Chat has been totally revamped. We’re still working on some customization features, but it is now back up and running so you can chat with your visitors live.

We recently asked how you use the Woopra live chat and the feedback has been amazing and fascinating. We’d love to know more as that will help us improve this feature even more.

New Woopra WordPress Plugin

The Woopra WordPress Plugin has been tested and updated and is now available through the automatic Plugin update feature in new versions of WordPress and downloadable from WordPress.

It features:

  • Live Tracking and Web Statistics
  • A rich user interface and client monitoring application
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Manage Multiple Blogs and Websites
  • Deep analytic and search capabilities
  • Click-to-chat
  • Visitor and member tagging
  • Real-time notifications
  • Easy Installation and Update Notification

Event Notifications

A popular feature of Woopra has always been the ability to be notified about a site event through the Woopra Event Notification feature. We’ve expanded it to do even more.

In the past, most people used it to be notified when a specific visitor arrived on the site, a specific page was visited, or when visitors arrive from a specific site or referrer. We’ve added new options to help you create precise event notifications so you are alerted when these are triggered.

Some new options include notification when someone comments, searches, or completes a transaction.

We’re working on a full outline of all the new abilities, so check it out. And if you have any ideas on alerts we missed, let us know.

Exclude Visitors/IP Addresses

You can now exclude your own visits to your site. Or anyone you please!

Woopra 1.3 now offers the Exclude option to exclude visitors by name, ID number, or IP address. In the early days of testing, people wanted to see their own visits to their test sites, but now you can exclude yourself. If you have multiple authors or webmasters, you can now exclude them so their visit through the site will not appear in the Woopra data.

If you exclude by IP, remember that IP addresses can change at any time, and they do change when you travel, so consider excluding by other options.

Improved Navigation Paths

We’ve improved how we showcase navigational paths in Woopra, allowing you to see the path a visitor took to get to a specific page, or move around your site. We’re working on improving this more in future versions.

New Calendar Overview

The new Calendar view is an exciting new feature to check your visits and pageviews by day, week, or month. It’s a quick bird’s eye view of your stats.

The Calendar features totals across the top and sides for days (traffic summary for Mondays of that month), weeks, and for the entire month, giving webmasters fast access to critical totals to watch trends over time.

Third Party Functionality and Extendability

The Woopra desktop application now includes massive extensibility in the framework for third party applications and Plugins. We’ll be releasing documentation on the Woopra API soon.

If you are interested in helping us test the new framework, contact us with your ideas.

Webmaster Tools

We’ve added some new Webmaster Tools to Woopra on the Home panel. Next to the Woopra News, you can check page ranking from Google and Alexa, and WHOIS information. We’ll be adding more webmaster tools in the future, and third-party apps can add theirs soon, too.

We’ve started integrating the Webmaster Tools into the site interface, allowing you to right click and check page ranking and more on links on the Dashboard.

Check Out Woopra 1.3.1 Beta

To experience Woopra 1.3.1 Beta, log out and back into Woopra to upgrade automatically.

If you were helping us test the release candidates, you will have to manually download and install the new version from the Download page.

If you are a Woopra Member and your site has not been approved yet, we will be approving a huge batch of new users randomly over the next week or two. Remember, it’s random. It can take months or minutes, but we are doing our best to get as many people approved during our closed private beta testing as we have the resources to support. When Woopra leaves this stage of beta testing, there will be no waiting times.

If you are not a Woopra Member, you have as good as chance as anyone to also be randomly approved. Please sign up to join our beta testing crew and your site might be lucky enough to be approved in the next random batch. For more information, read “How to Help Woopra and Woopra Members on the Forums.”

Your continued feedback and support is appreciated. Woopra 1.3.1 is awesome due to you as much as the hard work of developers Elie Khoury and Jad Younan and the rest of the Woopra team. We’re working overtime to bring you the best live web analytics program.

Help us spread the word about this exciting new version of Woopra. And get excited as we’re going to be making even more improvements in these new features and bringing on more in the next few months. See you in the Woopra Forums with your feedback!

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