Woopra 1.3 Beta: Preparing for the Next Hot Version of Woopra

Woopra 1.3 RC5 RC6 Beta has been released for testing.

UPDATE: Woopra 1.3.1 is now out. If you are using Woopra 1.2, you will be asked to sign out of Woopra and log back in to automatically install the new version. If you have been using a release candidate, it will advise you that you a new update is available and you will have to download it manually and install the new version.

We’ve never worked so hard on a release – it’s that exciting. We knew Woopra was special when we first went public last year, but we never expected it to be so popular and so much in demand by so many. We’re serving up millions of stats to over 80,000 websites! With this new version, Woopra is hotter than ever!

We know you’ve been very patient with us during the long stretch of this version’s release as we’ve totally rewritten all the code of Woopra. The final release is coming very soon. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Information on the latest release candidate can be found here and in Things You Need to Know About Woopra Release Candidate [Updated] on the Woopra Forums. We’ll be publishing the new feature list, screencasts and videos, new documentation, and more as soon as we finalize them.

When the final version is ready, all current versions of Woopra will automatically be updated.

What You Need to Know to Prepare for the Next Release of Woopra

We’ve made drastic changes to Woopra visibly and under the hood. It will be faster, more efficient, flexible, and easier to use. We’ve incorporated a lot of your feedback over the past few months into this version – very excited about it.

Our Woopra Members are important to us and your feedback has been incredible. With your tremendous help, we are making Woopra better than ever.

This version of Woopra has been completely rewritten from the ground up, therefore, we have some backwards compatibility issues that many of you are reporting in the Woopra Forums. Accordingly, during the next short time period (specifics are always welcome), expect downtimes and some features to discontinue or misbehave if you are using an older version of Woopra. The changes impact the Woopra desktop client and the Woopra Web Application.

While Woopra will upgrade automatically, we’ve made such changes and improvements, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the upcoming version of Woopra.

Update the Woopra JavaScript

To prepare for the next version of Woopra, please check your websites to ensure that the Woopra JavaScript you are using matches the new version found in the Woopra Members panel.

All third party scripts, including those listed in the , must be updated to the new JavaScript. Please check the code to ensure it has been updated accordingly.

Woopra WordPress Plugin Status

If you are using the Woopra WordPress Plugin, we are upgrading it to work with the new server codes and improvements in Woopra. Testers are needed. Please check “Woopra WordPress Plugin Release – Bug Reports Only!” for news and downloads of the test versions.

WordPress users will be automatically notified through the Administration Panels when the new version of the Plugin is available for upgrades. Until then, if you are using one of the release candidates, please use the manual method of installing Woopra on your site and not the WordPress Plugin.

Monitoring the Status of the Next Woopra Update

We will be reporting on the status of the next release on:

For more recent Woopra news and updates, check out “Woopra News: Sneak Previews of Woopra 1.3, Live Chat, Approvals, and More.”

Approvals Closed Until After the New Release

As John Pozadzides mentioned, we have closed approvals until we release the next version of Woopra.

If you are not yet a Woopra Member, please sign up to join our beta testing crew and your site might be lucky enough to be approved in the next random batch. For more information, read “How to Help Woopra and Woopra Members on the Forums.”

Download Woopra 1.3 RC5

Do not install a Woopra Release Candidate unless you are willing to report on bugs and technical topics here in the forum to help us improve Woopra. It is not for the timid, weak of heart, or impatient. :D

For those participating in testing release candidates, your input is welcome and necessary as we move into the final stages of the release of the next version. Please review the following posts for the issues already reported and please add your own feedback to them.


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