Approvals on Hold Pending New 1.3 Desktop Client Release

It’s been a long time in the making, but we are currently putting the finishing touches on the final release of the Woopra desktop client version 1.3. After our first two release candidates we realized there were still a lot of requests that we needed to get baked into the client, so we slowed things down a little and went back and added new features and functionality.

As most everyone knows by now, there can be a bit of a wait to gain access to Woopra. This is because the infrastructure we deploy to power the service is very expensive and we have to limit signups since the company is not yet charging for service.

We currently have enough infrastructure deployed to handle everyone currently in the queue – but we made the decision to wait for the 1.3 release to be finished before we go through with the mass approval. Now, this is both bad and good luck for those of you in the queue. Let me explain…

What It Means To You

The soon-to-be-released update will add a ton of new functionality, and required that we make changes to our back end systems in order to accomodate all the new stuff (blog post coming soon on new features). However, the upgrades are not backward compatible with the older 1.2 application, and therefore we will be forcing all users to update to 1.3 shortly after it’s release.

Before we make the upgrade mandatory, we are going to release the client for voluntary download, and immediately approve all of the users currently in the queue. This way, all new users will download and install the latest and greatest version of the client and serve as the first batch of testers before the mass upgrade. This is a very important step to us!

So, if you’re waiting for approval at the moment, the good news is that the moment you get your approval you will also be able to download and use the newest, most stable, and most feature-rich version of Woopra ever. And your experience will help us ensure a successful deployment for the entire user community.

If however you really need to get Woopra running on your site immediately and can’t wait for the approval, and if you’re on Twitter, you can send me a Tweet to @johnpoz requesting approval (include the URL) and I’ll try to accomodate you. Keep in mind that if you can wait it would be much appreciated because we’re going to need a good pool of testers for the final 1.3 before we push it out to everyone.

Thanks once again for all of your patience and assistance!

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