Testers Needed for the New Woopra WordPress Plugin

If you are a user, it’s time to start testing the new version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin.

Shane has been working on the next version of the Woopra WordPress Plugin to handle not only the current versions of WordPress but also prepare it for WordPress 2.9 and beyond.

One of the things that WordPress will be requiring soon is a new way that settings are also stored…everything been moved into a single variable as a serialized array.

WordPress is changing a lot of things within their code for handling settings and Plugin interaction, especially as it moves from the single hosted version to the multi-blog option associated with . Shane goes into more depth about the new changes in the Plugin on his blog in Preview of the updated Woopra WordPress Plugin.

In the forum post, Woopra WordPress Plugin – 1.4.1-Pre – Need Testing, Shane invites WordPress and Woopra testers to help him test the new version, focusing on “first time” use of the new system.

We need skilled WordPress users working with the latest version of WordPress or one of the nightly subversion versions of WordPress 2.9 and the latest release candidate of Woopra. Some aspects of the new Woopra WordPress Plugin are not completed, so this is not for the weak of heart nor technical skill.

For those using any of the release candidates for , please do not use the Woopra WordPress Plugin as it doesn’t work with that version. Use the manual installation method with the latest version of the JavaScript from the Members Area.

Those of you using Woopra 1.2 Beta, you may experience some problems with filters, tracking, and data as we have totally changed the server code as well as the desktop client’s interaction with the server code, and there are some backwards compatibility issues. Please update your JavaScript from the Members Area if you haven’t already, and thanks for your patience as we make the transistion to the next version very soon. Check the Woopra Forums sticky notes for more details on issues as we move to the next version.

Thanks to all for your input, bug reports, feature requests, and for helping us make Woopra even better. If you would like to help us test the new Woopra WordPress Plugin, check out the information in the forum post, and thanks.

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