Troubleshooting Woopra: Stress Test Your Site First

A record was broken for me recently on the Woopra Forums. A Woopra member was having trouble with Woopra not working properly and a quick validation check of their XHTML code found 3,510 Errors, 359 warnings, a new record for validation errors in my book.

Example validation page with 3510 Errors and 359 warningsIf isn’t working right, if you are not getting the Woopra desktop client or web app to track your site, if the numbers are messed up, or you are getting errors on your site which you would like to blame on Woopra, please take a moment to validate your site’s code to ensure that there is nothing getting in the way of Woopra’s JavaScript doing it’s job.

While Woopra is still in beta testing, and things still go bump in the statistical night, let’s rule out site code errors first so we can dig deeper into resolving the real issue with Woopra.

If you are unfamiliar with how to validate your site’s code, here are some basic steps.

  1. Go to The W3C Markup Validation Service or one of the validation sites listed below.
  2. Type in the full URL/Address of your site.
  3. Click the submit button.

Or you can install the Web Developer or Firebug Firefox Extensions for Firefox, or something similar for other web browsers, that will automatically help verify code semantic issues.

The resulting report usually contains links to help you problem solve the errors and issues. Once these are resolved, check Woopra again to see if it is working properly. If not, please report the issue in the Woopra Forums after you search for a solution. Let us know you’ve validated the site.

Validating your site’s code has more benefits than just getting it to work with Woopra. Search engines can move through your site quickly and easily with clean code. Pages will render better across most browsers making it easier for people to access and read your site. And Google’s PageRank loves clean code and rewards it.

Validate your site’s code after making any significant changes or on a regular basis to make sure nothing has crept in that could be causing problems under hood. Consider it part of a regular site tune up.

Site Validation Tools

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