To have a great site, you need to monitor it and track what your readers interests are.  All DWC client sites are set up with a basic Woopra analytics account. Upgrades are available.Woopra logo

Woopra is the world’s most comprehensive, information-rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. We deliver the richest library of visitor statistics in the industry through our innovative desktop application. But Woopra is more than simply statistics.

Our service was built as a framework for expansion complete with an open API and plugin capabilities. We continue to add features and functionality which immediately become available to all customers.
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You can view your stats using the new Woopra Web Analytics or by downloading their Desktop Client.

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Securing Woopra’s Logins

Lorelle : April 2, 2010 11:39 am : Woopra

Duplicate Login Notification on the Woopra iPhone appOne of the new features announced in the release of Woopra 1.4 is the new single simultaneous login. Like many programs handling sensitive data, we’re now permitting only one login at a time by a single user, protecting your sensitive site data.

Several clients expressed concerns about simultaneous logins, so we chose to limit them for two main reasons.

  1. Some clients complained that they suspected unauthorized users of accessing their stats remotely. But they had no way to verify this. So we built a reporting function that tells you if someone else logs in from a remote location, and if so, from which IP address.
  2. We also wanted to increase the speed and efficiency of Woopra. If you are logging in from a second location, we assume it’s safe to free up the resources from the first location. This helps improve the service for all users.

This means that if you are logged into the Woopra Desktop Client, the Woopra Web App (Members Area > View Stats), or soon-to-be released Woopra iPhone app, someone else with the same username cannot log in at the same time. If you move from one computer or location to another, you must log out of the first in order to log into the second.

This doesn’t mean your team or clients cannot view the same site stats simultaneously! But for security reasons, they each need to have their own login. If you wish to share your site stats with other Woopra Members, you can use the Sharing feature. For specifics on using shared stats, see sharing stats and multiple logins in the Woopra FAQ.

Duplicate Login notification on Woopra Desktop Client

Here’s what you need to know about sharing Woopra site stats:

  1. Sharing can only be initiated on one of the paid Woopra Plans. Each site plan permits a specific number of shares.
  2. Sharing can only be initiated or revoked by the site owner. But it can be done at any time and as often as desired.
  3. Sharing can be done with any Woopra Member, irrespective of their Woopra plan.
  4. Registering with Woopra is free.
  5. Registered members of Woopra do not need to add a site to their account, unless they so wish.
  6. If you are logged into the Woopra website, forum, or Woopra Members Area, you can log into the Woopra applications without worry.

As always, if you have questions, please just ask!

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Woopra State of the Union for March, 2010

John P. : March 31, 2010 5:50 am : Woopra

WOW! What a HUGE month this is for us! I hardly know where to begin with the state of the union, so I’m just going to start giving you guys the updates:

  • Clearly the big news this month is the release of the new Woopra 1.4 desktop application which incorporates our live chat capabilities. This new release adds many new features and also begins to show off Woopra as the extensible platform that it is. You can look for other high value services to be incorporated in the future.
  • As a result of changes we made to the Woopra protocol to get the latest release out, the Web based stats are currently offline. These changes were necessary to add new functionality, and we felt the consequences were outweighed by the benefits. So very soon you will notice that the “View Stats” link has been removed from the Member’s Area while we work to build an entirely new version of the Web based stats. The good news is that the new version of Web stats will blow the old version away! The bad news is that it’s going to take several weeks of full time development to get them ready. So stay tuned, and please be patient with us while we retool. Your primary method of accessing stats will always remain the desktop application.
  • Of course, with the release of the new desktop application we have implemented advertising into the app. For those who are interested in purchasing this ad space, you can head over to our partner site to grab what’s available before its gone. And for clients who prefer not to see the ads we encourage you to upgrade to the Bronze level of service for only $4.95 per month and help support the continued operation and development of the Woopra platform. Your support is very much appreciated!
  • We also gave the world a first peek at the new Woopra iPhone app which is under development. Only a very small number of people have experienced it so far, but they are all madly in love with it and we look forward to working towards its completion and submission to the iTunes store as soon as possible.
  • We continue to get questions about the development of a Woopra Affiliate program. And yes, we do intend to build one because we want to reward our loyal clients for referring new users to us. Unfortunately this project has to wait until our Web based stats are working again because we want to ensure that you can access Woopra from anywhere! And frankly your needs to get the data outweigh our needs to accelerate growth.
  • As a quick reminder, don’t forget that will get you $7.49 domain registrations at GoDaddy! And and also get additional discounts. I don’t know about you but I’ve already used these coupon codes for several domain registrations and I’m happy they are so easy to remember.

There is one last thing I want to share with you this month – a special thank you to our fantastic customers who help us by spreading the word about Woopra! Your enthusiasm inspires us to continue to build, troubleshoot and innovate every single day. And we absolutely LOVE you all! I personally believe that Woopra has one of the most amazing clienteles of any company on Earth, and if there was an award for the very best customers – we’d make sure it went to you guys!

As always your comments, questions and concerns are encouraged, and you can reach out to me via Twitter @johnpoz or feel free to check the Woopra Chat Widget below and send me a message any time you catch me on line.


John P

John Pozadzides
Chief Executive Officer
iFusion Labs

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Woopra 1.4 Released

Lorelle : March 27, 2010 3:59 am : Woopra

We are very proud to announce that we’ve released Woopra 1.4 into the wild!

We announced most of the major features of Woopra 1.4 when we began our testing. They include:

  • Inbound Web Chat: The ability to to have your visitors ping you and say “Let’s chat!” from the website. We’ve been testing the new Woopra Chat Widget and the feedback has been great. Expect this to evolve over time.
  • Live Visitor Info Panel for Web Chat: We’ve expanded the Woopra Live Chat to feature a panel within the Desktop Client so you can watch visitors move through the site during the conversation.
  • Updated Notifications: We’ve redone our event notifications to create a scrollable list for review, so you can track what’s going on even if you leave your desk.
  • Monthly Usage Meter: You can now track your Woopra Plan’s monthly usage right on the Woopra Desktop Client.
  • Woopra Member Access: We’ve expanded access from the Woopra Desktop Client to include direct links and access to the Woopra Members area to set settings and customization.
  • Improved Firewall Connections: We’ve exanded Woopra to include the standards web port 80 in addition to 11228, to help you connect from behind most firewalls.
  • Calendar Functionality Improved: We’ve done away with the vague stats like All-Time Visitors and brought you more of the stats you need like daily, weekly, and monthly summaries in the updated Calendar feature, along with an easy to see chart to let you know when your average high points are for hourly traffic.
  • IP Range Filtering for Exclude Visitors: You can now exclude visitors from being tracked with wildcards, so you don’t track the whole office through your visitor stats.
  • Single Simultaneous Login Enforcement: For your protection and privacy, and to keep Woopra running faster for everyone, we’ve implemented a common practice of restricting access from multiple locations. If you move from one computer or location, please log out in order to log in elsewhere. If you wish to share your Woopra stats with others, simply share your Woopra stats with any registered Woopra Member. Then two or more can log in at the same time.

We’ll have articles explaining these new features in detail over the next few weeks.

To upgrade, simply start the Woopra Desktop Client and the upgrade process will automatically begin.

After updating and restarting Woopra, you will need to enter your username and password again as we’ve improved the security for storage of this information.

If you are experiencing any connection or tracking issues, check the Woopra JavaScript code to ensure it matches every page you wish to track with Woopra. Also, check to ensure you have the latest update to Java. A lot of the new features are still in early development, so expect them to improve over the next few months.

Check out the Woopra FAQ and for more information and help. Please report your feedback in the Woopra Forums where we can get specific information about any issues you are having and help you out.

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